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Blue Options gives you Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina’s largest network of doctors and hospitals and access to a variety of wellness services, preventive care and the Blue Extras SM value-added discount programs. With this Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan, you can receive care in and out-of-network. But, if you visit an out-of-network provider, you're responsible for more of the cost of service and some benefits may not be available to you. The Blue Options PPO also gives you the security of knowing you can receive in-network care, no matter where you are.

Most of the best doctors and hospitals in the state are at your fingertips and the Blue Cross networks are large and your co-payments are low. Best of all, your in-network doctor handles all administrative details and files your claims. No messy paperwork.

Preventive care is vital to your health and safety. That's why Blue Cross has made sure that you're covered for routine physical exams, well-baby and well-child visits, immunizations, gynecological exams and Pap smears, as well as breast and prostate cancer screenings. With Blue Options, you have the power to keep yourself healthy!

If your plan includes prescription coverage, you have access to a large network of pharmacies. Use them and you're only responsible for a small payment or coinsurance amount. Don't forget that your prescription prices are even lower when you choose generic drugs.

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